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About Us
Our Story
Bruce and Aldana met Sophomore year of high school. At first they just had friends in common and did not necessarily like each other. But at the beginning of their Senior year, they had more classes together and were set up on a date. That was the start of it all! The double date started at the zoo, then went to lunch, after that we spent time at one of the other couple's homes, watching a movie. They had such a good time! Bruce asked Aldana out again the next week and the next and the next. They have been together ever since! 

 Their greatest strengths of their relationship are that they work as a team, communicate well. They said they have learned to appreciate one another’s differences and no longer try to change each other. Bruce said, “I have learned that when we work together, Aldana and I can get over anything.” Aldana said “I love having a constant friend whom I can confide anything with.”
Our Home
Our home is an older home. When we purchased it about a year and a half ago, it was in pretty rough shape. we have worked on remodeling it (all ourselves!) and it looks completely different than when we bought it! The home is 2,200 square feet. It has a main floor, an upstairs and a basement. It is 100% finished. There are 4 bedrooms and one bathroom.

We have a large yard which is great for running around, gardening and, our favorite family activity, bonfires with s'mores!

We have a fun loft that we have turned into a playroom and each child has their own room.

Our neighborhood is quiet and nice. There are families with children living on both sides of our home. We enjoy going on walks in the neighborhood and greeting our neighbors. We enjoy our neighbors and feel that the neighborhood is supportive of one another.

About Bruce
Bruce-Gale-Semi Open Adopt
Bruce describes himself as loyal, honest, fun and loving. He  is extremely patient and willing to look at things from all points of view. He feels that his greatest strengths are his organizational and planning skills and that he enjoys learning new things.

Bruce works at a large software company as a Developement and Quality manager in the marketing department.  His job provides flexibility to spend time with family to travel and other fun activities.

He enjoys outdoor activities, especially making food and s'mores over the fire in the back yard.

About Aldana
Aldana describes herself as friendly, fun and social. She has a bubbly personality and she loves to laugh. Her strengths include being organized and clean, obedient and analytical. She admits she is a “daredevil”. she loves roller coasters and wants to skydive someday.

Aldana works hard to make sure that we have a safe, and clean home for the family to have fun in every day.  She enjoys reading with the kids, taking them to the park to play, and going to activities around the community.

About Ashton & Kezia
Bruce-Gale-Semi Open Adopt
Ashton just started Kindergarten, and is currently enrolled in dual immersion class where he is learning Spanish.  After school, he goes to gymnastics class and practices his flips on our trampoline.

Kezia loves to sing and dance, be carried around like an airplane, and playing with dolls.  She is also in a gymnastics class learning how to tumble.

We believe that having a rounded experience of music, various cultures, and education will sculpt children into a better version of themselves.  But we also believe it is important to have fun while you do it.  Look at our Family Album to see how we encourage the fun and growth!
About Willow
Willow is the family's black cat.  We absolutely love him!  He is so gentle and soft, He lets the kids pick him up and cuddle with him all the time.

He loves chasing strings and being carried around like a scarf draped around your neck.